Importing CSV Files into ShopperPress – Shopping Cart

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Hi All,

Importing CSV Files into my WordPress Shopping Cart

I have recently had alot of questions about how to take a downloaded data feed such as one recieved from an affiliate website or an old shopping cart solution and import that into ShopperPress.

Well, in this quick tutorial im going to show you how!

Firstly let me start by saying im using the latest version of wordpress and ShopperPress Version 2.10.

Quick Introduction

The CSV file or excel spreadsheet  stores product information allowing you to download saved datafeeds and import them quickly into your wordpress shopping cart.

All you need to Remember

All you need to remember is that the FIRST row of your CSV file must contain the column headers and if you want them to be import into the wordpress fields RATHER than the custom fields you must rename the headers to match the wordpress database column name.


If in your CSV file you have a column header called ‘Product Description’ and this column contains the product descriptions you MUST rename this to the wordpress database name IF you want it to appear in the wordpress description fields.

If you DO NOT rename the column header, it will be added as a custom field and keep the existing column name value.

Here is a list of wordpress database column headings;

Key Headings

  • post_title
  • post_excerpt
  • post_content

Other possible wordpress headings

  • post_author
  • post_date
  • post_date_gmt
  • post_status
  • comment_status
  • ping_status
  • post_password
  • post_name
  • to_ping
  • pinged
  • post_modified
  • post_modified_gmt
  • post_content_filtered
  • post_parent
  • guid
  • menu_order
  • post_type
  • post_mime_type
  • comment_count


If you have a column in your CSV file that you want to be used as the title for your product within your shopping cart website, simply RENAME the current heading to ‘post_title’.

Same with content, if you have a description column, rename the column header to ‘post_content.

Custom Fields

If your heading isnt found within the list above it will automatically be added as a custom field, i would recommend you use the field names below for extra custom fields such as prices, images etc.

Custom Field Example Value Display Example
price 19.99 $19.199
old_price 29.99 Was $29.99 Now $19.99
image Displays as a small image on the home and search pages.
images image.jpg,
Will create a product image selection field under the product main page. Seperate each image with a comma.
thumbnail If set, will be used instead of the image value on the gallery and search pages.
qty 10 Displays the item quanitity available.
customlist1 red,blue,green Used as a custom list value of your choice. Seperate each value with a comma.
customlist2 Large, Medium, Small Used as a custom list value of your choice. Seperate each value with a comma.
shipping UPS Shipping = 10, Air Shipping = 20 Used to display the shipping values for each item. The equals will be used to store the actual price. Seperate each value with a comma.
featured Used if selected as a featured item in the Display Settings area.s

I hope this is fairly simple to follow, let me know if you have any problems.


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