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Hot Domains Names for your Online Store

Picking the RIGHT domain name is VERY IMPORTANT to your online success.

I’m going to show you step-by-step how to pick the right domain name at the right price.

Let me start by giving you some advice;

Whenever possible, NEVER buy NEW domain names. It’s important to understand that new domain names index slower in search engines than existing ones and in my experience search engines give more ‘weight’ to older domain names.

What this basically means is that existing domain names that have already been registered for over 1 or 2 years will get high rankings in search engines faster.

So where do we find existing PR2+ domain names


that are relevant to your chosen market?

Well luckily for you im here to show you where.


Firstly you need to head over to Godaddy Auctions, click the link below;

You should be able to see the auctions pages and have a search box like the one below;

NOW what i want you to do is refer back to the Niche Market you picked in lesson one.

(If you didn’t catch lesson one here it is: )

Here is my list from lesson one;

What i want you to do now is take a look at the highest searched keywords you found for each of your 5 items and search for those within Godaddy Auctions website.

Here are the highest searched keywords i found in lesson one;

So for example, i would try searching for “college football” first, and see what i can find.

I then want you to REORDER the search results using the ‘traffic’ column header starting from highest first.

Now what you have in front of you is a list of existing domain names, some of them with traffic and google PR.

What we must do now is find out which of the domain names are most valuable and suitable for our website.

What i recommend you do is find the domain names where the keyword is at the BEGINING of the name.

For example;

This is because search engines will mostly likely rank domain names that match the keywords entered, if your domain name matches the keywords entered it will rank higher and provide you with more traffic.

Now write down 5 or 6 domain names that you like and and keep them in a list.

Now lets find out how valuable they are!

Head over to ‘DNS Coop’ using the link below;

for each of the domain names you picked do a search to find out their existing traffic, PR and back links.

For example, this is my search on the domain name:

BINGO!! A PR3 domain name with over 4,000 back links!
Current Price: $30!!! What a bargain!

So there you have it, repeat the same steps with other domains, find the best one and BUY IT before someone else does!

There are many other techniques i use to find even better bargains but this one im willing to share freely with you.


In the next lesson im going to show you exactly how to build killer keyword lists for your newly purchased domain name!

Until next week,

Mark Fail

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