ShopperPress Features

Wordpress shopping cart theme

Below are a list of features you'll find within our popular shopping cart theme for WordPress.

User & Staff Management

Whether your a one man band or a big company, ShopperPress helps you quickly and easily view/search and edit your employees and member profiles and helps you keep track of their orders.

Separated Logins

Admin/Employees and members all login in the same location however a member will be forwarded to a dedicated members area where they can view orders and update their personal details whereas the admin will be sent to the admin area to manage the website.

Customized Wordpress Login Screen

ShopperPress transforms the traditional Wordpress login screen with a customized login/registration page to match the rest of your website disguise the fact your using Wordpress to power your website.


ShopperPress is a secure online system that supports hundreds of extra security Plugin's for Wordpress as well as HTTPS/SSL secure page.