ShopperPress Features

Wordpress shopping cart theme

Below are a list of features you'll find within our popular shopping cart theme for WordPress.

20+ Built in Store Designs

Built into every copy of ShopperPress are over 20 professional store front designs allowing you to choose any design you like. When we create new designs you get those free too!.

Easy On/Off Display Options

Customizing your online shopping cart website couldn't be any easier with our easy on/off display options built into the admin area. Don't like the image on your home page?, simply turn it off!

Child Theme Framework

ShopperPress is built on the secure and stable PremiumPress framework, if your a designer and would like to build your own store designs we have video tutorials showing you how it's done.
click here to watch the tutorials

Plugin & Widget Support

ShopperPress enables you to utilize normal Wordpress plugins and widgets allowing you to add-on new features and functionality without having to re-code your website. There are over 17,000 plugins to choose from! Take a look here.

Admin Area File Editor

Makes minor changes to your website couldn't be easier with the built in file editor provided by Wordpress.

Multi Language Files

All website text is separated and stored in its own file, you can easily customize or change the website language by simply editing the text stored in the language file.