ShopperPress Features

Wordpress shopping cart theme

Below are a list of features you'll find within our popular shopping cart theme for WordPress.

Search Engine Optimized

ShopperPress has been professional developed and optimized for search engines which means your website will quickly be picked up by search engines and indexed attracting organic traffic (free traffic) via search engine searches.

Google Analytics Support

Keep track of your website visitors with our built in Google analytics support, each product click and page view is quickly recorded allowing you to see which products are hot, and which are not!
You can setup a free Google analytics account here.

Coupons & Promotions

Setting up website promotions and coupon codes is made easy with ShopperPress, built into the admin area are dedicated pages allowing you to setup 1 or 1,000 different coupons to be given out online to attract visitors.

Email Marketing

Creating your own emails is also part of the ShopperPress theme, built into the admin is an email manager allowing you to setup personalized emails and send out promotional marketing emails to your existing clients.

Advertising Ready!

Setting up your own advertising banners couldn't be easier with our built in advertising section, you can place header/footer/left and right banners including unique banners for each category.