ShopperPress Features

Wordpress shopping cart theme

Below are a list of features you'll find within our popular shopping cart theme for WordPress.

Customize Product Features

We understand that every website is unique, that's why ShopperPress gives you the ability to setup your own custom list fields such as sizes, colors etc and create your own list box text and pricing.

Product Import Tools

Importing products into your website is easy with ShopperPress, use our popular CSV import tool to quickly import and manage your store products using a spreadsheet.

Amazon, Ebay & Datafeedr

ShopperPress is the recommended solution for many online affiliates with built in support for Amazon, Ebay and Datafeedr (supports over 100 affiliate networks) & CSV imports.

Stock Management

You can easily manage your product inventory by assigning a QTY value which will be updated each time a purchase is made showing 'in stock' or 'out of stock' display.

Quick Product Management

All products can be modified simultaneously, assigned to multiple categories, include extra product images, stock management, extra information and custom fields such as sizes, colors and discount pricing.